Re-entering my home after works are complete

Whilst your property is being treated with timber treatment you should not be presented with any significant hazard if the guidelines below are followed.  These guidelines are provided to ensure that a normal, safe environment is rapidly established.

Following damp proofing works reentry can be immediate although some dust in the air is likely to remain for a number of hours post-treatment.

Following timber treatment a period of 1 hour should be given prior to reentry. Those particually sensitive such as the very young, old or those with breathing difficulties should consider not sleeping in a treated room until 24 hours after treatment.

DO NOT smoke or use a naked flame near treated areas until the fluid has ceased evaporating.

DO NOT light pilot lights, coal or gas fires.

Keep treated areas thoroughly and continuously ventilated.

DO NOT eat, drink or sleep in the treated areas until the fluid has ceased evaporating.

This particularly applies to children and elderly people or anyone suffering from a

respiratory problem.

DO NOT allow children or pets (including aquarium housed pets) to come into contact with treated areas and remove unwrapped food and house plants until treated areas are completely dry.

Leave open the hatch or door to treated and unventilated roof voids, cellars, understair cupboards, and other enclosed spaces for approximately 14 days.

Provide a waterproof covering and delay re-fitting carpets or decorative flooring below paste treated cross section beams until all penetration is complete.


These precautions must be adhered to and additional building workers at the property (plumbers, electricians etc.) should be advised accordingly.

Should you have any questions regarding the chemicals to be used please contact either J.B. Ward & Sons (08456 44 54 01) or Safeguard Europe (01403 210 204).